Thursday, 13 August 2015

Here goes then, my first blog!
Before anything else I will start with a confession. Technically, I'm not actually a country girl. I spent the first 26 years of my life living in Brighton, but have always had a lust for rural life. Indeed at the age of seven I recall being asked to create a holiday poster at school. Whilst friends around me created adverts for Spain or Butlins, I advertised a cottage in the Kent countryside, where you could go for walks in the woods and find the most amazing mushrooms! The countryside longing never left me and so about this time last year, my hubby and I upped sticks and set off in to the unknown (actually most people call it Devon).

Leaving much behind us and coming to a new home, in a new county, with new jobs, was quite the adventure. Now, a year on, it is time for me to start another adventure, this time, in to Blogging.

What I hope to share through this blog is some of the creative pass times that I enjoy as a rural citizen. Expect to see recipes, crafts, sewing projects and dedication to simple joys like star gazing or gathering blackberries from the hedgerow.

I start with what seems the most fitting photo, a beautiful view of Devon with our cat exploring the garden in the very early days of our move here.

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