Saturday, 15 August 2015

Veg box challenge - tapas tonight!

It was only a few months back now that my hubby and I subscribed to a local veg box scheme. There was a certain scepticism (particularly from my OH) about whether it would be worth it, but I can safely say we'll never look back. But more on that another day.

In our box this week we had 'padron peppers' which I had never cooked with before. There was a suggestion that you might want to play 'pepper roulette' with them as some are hot and some are not. So I got thinking about that and decided to add some cream cheese to the mix in case of any scorchers. We also had a few of our home grown spuds to use up and a little left over chorizo so that got turned in to patatas bravas. Recipe can be found here;

Suddenly we were having tapas so I filled out the rest of the dinner with the following ultra easy additions;

Prawns fried in lemon, chilli and garlic
Sundried tomato rice (from a pouch!)
Tomato bread
Chicken fried in piri piri marinade
Dips, olives and a mixed meat selection

For the padron peppers I simply fried them in hot oil til the skins blistered and served them with the cream cheese.

All told I reckon I served up dinner in about half an hour, and was quite chuffed with the results! :)

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