Sunday, 11 October 2015

Free hand machine embroidery doorstop

This week I have been making a doorstop for my pal as a house warming present. I got the idea from a Poppy Treffry book called 'free and easy stitch style.'
I would thoroughly recommend the book but in case you're feeling really adventurous, here's a basic outline of what I did.

Products used;
60cm x 20cm base fabric (seaside spot by Clark and clark)
2x 15cm x 15cm square or fabric for top and base
20cm x 7.5cm strip of fabric for the handle
Various scraps of haberdashery fabric for your applique. Mine included Cath Kidston pale blue stars, Cath Kidston floral,  more Clark and Clark, some bits and pieces I received in a starter kit from Poppy Treffry and a whole host of anonymous scraps!
Strong cotton thread in various colours (mine was Cath Kidston)

You will also need a sewing machine with the feed dogs lowered, covered or removed.

Choose a length of fabric to be your main background 20cm x 60cm. Fold it in half and in half again then open out to reveal four sections. Choose a design for each section, select fabrics and cut them out laying them on the base as you go.

Cut down the fold marks of your base fabric separating it in to four sections. Using the freehand machine embroidery technique, applique your design to the base fabric. 

In true Poppy Treffry style, I use my lovely old singer for the free machining. I had my husband remove the feed dogs altogether from it as this is pretty much all I use it for, but you can just lower them or cover them in order to move your fabric about freely.

Once your applique is complete, place the fabric right sides together and stitch down the edges to create a sort of inside out box. Leave about a centimetre at the top and bottom to make it easier to attach the base and  'lid' to your box.
You'll notice from the picture that I have switched to a more modern sewing machine. This isn't necessary but it is quicker!

Make a handle for your doorstop. Cut a strip of fabric 7.5cm x 20cm. Fold a little hem in on the ends, then fold in half lengthways . Press to make a fold mark then open out again.

Fold the outer edges in to meet in the middle, then fold the whole thing in half lengthways again to encase all the raw edges. Stitch around all four edges of your handle.

Attach the handle securely to a square of 15 cm x 15cm fabric that will form the top of the doorstop.

With right sides still facing, stitch the base fabric on to the bottom of the doorstop,  and stitch three sides of the top fabric to the top of the doorstop. (handle facing in) 

Now turn the whole thing the right way around and check that you are happy so far. ( I discovered a small hole on one of the corners of mine which I was able to rectify at this point before it was too late!)

Place a plastic bag with no holes inside your doorstop.(A sandwich bag or pedal bin liner work well) Fill with sand or rice and seal. Stitch closed the final edge of the doorstop. I did this by hand as it is now quite tricky to get under the machine.


Place your finished doorstop in situ or wrap and give to a friend as a charming house warming present!

I hope you have enjoyed this s tutorial, if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them below - I'd love to hear what you think.

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