Thursday, 1 October 2015

It's Christmas! Well, nearly...

I am a self confessed Christmas- aholic. I love it! It is my desire to hold on to the excitement I felt as a child each year around when Christmas approaches. If you get going early enough I think you can prolong the enjoyment, and prevent the stress (well, some of it!)
This week I have been making a Christmas mobile. I picked up the bits and pieces I needed for this from the Pinflair stand at Westpoint ICHF show last weekend. It is pretty straight forward to do and I am hoping will make a nice gift for someone this year.

In my mobile 'kit' (which I purchased for £10) was a piece of panelled Christmas fabric, thick card squares and hanger arms, ribbon, and book binding glue. 
I cut each picture panel out from the fabric, glued it to the front of a cardboard square, wrapped it round and glued the edges down. Then I did the same with the hanger arms. N.b. You need two of each picture and four hanger arms so that you can sandwich them together with the ribbon in between.

To get a neat wrap around on the hanger arms, it is worth snipping the fabric at intervals of about 1cm.
Next I laid out all the panels so I could see how I wanted them, and then cut ribbon to the right lengths, including one piece for a hanging loop at the top.

Using a little more book binding glue I stuck the ribbon to the hanger arm and stuck the back panel to it.
I then sandwiched the front panel on top and let it dry.
All that remained was to slot the arms together and the mobile was complete. One thing ready for Christmas and it's only just October :)

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